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Yuri Bouwhuis

President & CEO Calucem Group
An international experienced entrepreneur.
Yuri Bouwhuis is an international experienced entrepreneur. Although Dutch in origin he considers himself a world citizen as he has been fortunate enough to live in many different parts of this world (China, Singapore, USA, Germany and the UK).
I am a board level executive and experienced in a wide array of functions: Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Product development, R&D and Strategy. Having worked in many different Industrial sectors: Building Chemistry, Filtration, Chemicals, Electronics, Pharma, Food, Flavour & Fragrance and the Consumer markets, working most recently for global blue chip companies.
My Latest Posts
Calucem plans a $35 million investment in a new calcium aluminate cement plant in the United States

We are delighted to announce the expansion of our presence in the U.S. market, by developing a manufacturing facility of calciumaluminatecement in Louisiana, with an investment of $35 million.

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Cementos Molins successfully closes Calucem acquisition

The acquisition boosts Cementos Molins’ growth and expands the offering of innovative and sustainable solutions for the construction sector. 4 November 2021 Cementos Molins has successfully completed the acquisition of Calucem, announced in early August, following all regulatory approvals.

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For eight consecutive years, Calucem has been sponsoring the work of young male and female basketball players from BC Stoja

Generations and generations of Pula basketball players made their first steps under the hoops on this popular school playground at Stoja. The court, next to which the sneaker prints in concrete remind us that once upon a time, the biggest basketball player in this area, the Mozart of basketball, legendary Dražen Petrović, played a game here, Basketball Club Stoja was founded in 1976.

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An important milestone for Calucem!

Today marks an important milestone for Calucem as Cementos Molins has reached an agreement with Private Equity Fund Ambienta SGR S.p.A., to acquire 100% of the shares Calucem.

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Mass antigen testing and voluntary health insurance policies for all Calucem employees

Showing a high-level of company responsibility towards our employees, protecting business processes and the responsibility to the community has been on the top of our list of priorities. We're very proud of our last big initiative - the prolongation of an additional insurance policy with Uniqa Insurance for all of our employees in Croatia.

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The new #SewerCem product family from Calucem explained in a video.

A range of solutions specifically developed for the Pipes & Aggregates segment. #CalciumAluminateCement is a typical #Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) product and can last in these very harsh dimensions for around 100 years, whereas other products fail much sooner.

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Calucem, leader in the industry is making improvements in CO2, benefiting customers, and the environment.

We are very proud to have received the recognition of our efforts by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development, Hamag-Bicro and the EU to contribute to the reduction of CO2, in which we are the first in the industry. The successful implementation of this project will bring multiple benefits to Calucem but also to the local economy, global customers, and the local community.

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95 years of the Cement factory on Pula's peninsula St. Petar

From an abandoned military facility to one of the world leaders in the production of a Specialty Cement. Today, Calucem is a global company and is exporting to more than 60 countries around the world. Take a look at the major milestones of the Calucem factory over the past 95 years.

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With a focus on safety, environmental protection, and innovation, Calucem will remain at the top of the global CAC manufacturers

In this interview, Yuri Bouwhuis discusses various topics such as the development of Calucem, the production process in Pula, the impact of the Corona crisis, the investments of Calucem and much more.

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Calucem donates ten second-hand computers to several associations and institutions

PULA – In the framework of socially responsible business, which is part of Calucem corporate culture and management, ten second-hand computers have been donated this year to several associations and institutions in Istria. Over the coming days, the computers are being delivered to three addresses.

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Calucem donates 500 facemasks to Red Cross

On 21 May 2020 Calucem representatives donated around 500 protective face masks to the Red Cross community of the Istrian region. The donation is part of Calucem’s love4community program. The Donation was made possible via Calucem CEO, Yuri Bouwhuis, and the masks were sent to Croatia by his Chinese business connections. The Red Cross community of Istrian region is thanking Calucem for this kind donation.

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Announcement new calucem website.

We are very proud to announce the relaunch of the #Calucem website! Thanks to all that made this possible, but in particular the project team and the team from Lloyds Design

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Calucem contributing in challenging Coronavirus times: supporting socially responsible business

The supply contract with Tekop Nova, valued at 140 thousand kuna, was renewed for another year. Tekop Nova will make 280 pieces of high-visibility work clothes for the employees of the cement factory in Pula.

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Calucem meeting with the major.

Mayor of Pula, Boris Miletic was briefed on the production and new projects in more detail by the CEO and President of the company, Yuri Bouwhuis, and factory director Mihajlo Mirkovic.

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Calucem invests more than HRK 22 million in a facility in Pula aimed at reducing noise and dust

Three months after investing 22 million kuna (EUR 3 million) in an upgrade of the Pula facility, Calucem - a world-renowned cement company, has significantly addressed the noise and dust issue in Pula as well throughout the Istrian peninsula.

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A check for 35 thousand kuna for treatment has been delivered

As part of the action called "The hope of a smile", the director of the cement factory Calucem ”Yuri Bouwhuis has delivered a check of 35,000 kuna to the girl's family.

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Membranes Target Organic Solvents, Separation technology promises energy savings and other benefits.

Organic solvent nanofiltration (OSN) is starting to carve out a role in a number of process applications, including polymeric impurity removal, monomer/dimer separation, catalyst recovery and recycle, and color elimination. The technology requires less than 10% of the energy needed by thermal separation techniques such as distillation, and can provide ultrapure products and help increase product yield.

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Calucem Factory tour - Cement production in Pula, Croatia

Calucem is a market leader in Calcium Aluminate Cements (“CAC”). Calucem has its origin in a peninsula of Pula, Croatia and was founded in 1925, marking its 95-year anniversary in 2020.

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Calucem donates five mobile cranes for the transfer of immovable persons to the Society of Persons with Disabilities Pula.

Yesterday at the Rojc Community Center, a handover of five mobile cranes for the transfer of immovable persons took place. The cranes were handed to members of the company by Yuri Bouwhuis, CEO of Calucem, who noted that CSR is part of the corporate culture and management of Calucem Pula, as well as the entire Calucem group.

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